Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) was founded as a government agency in 1991. Since then KOICA has been implementing grant aid and technical assistance program on behalf of Korean government, in areas of health, education, rural development, governance, climate change, industry and energy. Our efforts to maximize the effectiveness of Korea’s ODA will continue to support sustainable development of our partner countries and their achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

KOICA has been working in Nepal since 1995, implementing our government’s grant aid and technical assistance programmes. According to our Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) for Nepal, KOICA focuses on 4 sectors in health, technical education, rural development and energy. Our assistance is being carried out through different modalities, bilateral or multilateral projects, volunteer and fellowship programmes. In November 2014, Korean and Nepali governments signed on “Framework Agreement on Grant Aid” to strengthen our supports and commitment to contribute to socio-economic development of Nepal.

KOICA has committed to improve health status of vulnerable population and achieve universal health coverage in Nepal. We have been mainly working in maternal, neonatal and child health (MCH) and Health Financing (HF) issues as below.

1. Improving Maternal and Child Health care in Mugu (2013-18)

2. National Health Insurance Support Project (2013-17)

3. Multilateral program with UNICEF for “Improving maternal and neonatal care for the unreached population in Nepal “(2013-15)

4. Health Care Improvement in Tikapur (2011-14)

5. Health Insurance Models Activation & Leveling up Project (2010-12)

5. Establishment of Korea-Nepal Friendship Hospital in Thimi Municipality(2006-08)

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