Department for International Development (DFID)

The UK Government’s aid programme is managed by its Department for International Development (DFID). UK support to Nepal aims to increase efforts to reduce political instability, boost economic growth and economic inclusion, deliver basic services and increase resilience to natural disasters.

DFID has supported the health sector in Nepal for more than a decade, spending approximately £97 million over this period.

Since 2004, the bulk of DFID Nepal’s funding for health has been provided sector budget support directly to the Ministry of Health and Population’ budget which supports the delivery of health services at scale, across the country. DFID also provides technical assistance to improve the efficiency of the entire Government’s annual health sector programme. The technical assistance supports better practice in the procurement of drugs, better quality infrastructure, and strengthening of financial and human resource management and the delivery of essential health care services.

DFID also provides support to a number of research actives on integrating mental health into primary health care series, innovating and testing activities to reach the poorest and most excluded women with family planning services and a randomised control trial to evaluate whether a ocial transfers in the form of food or cash with improve maternal nutrition and the birth weight of newborn babies.

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